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I love other people’s kitchens. When I go over to friends’ houses, I never ask where the cups are if I want a drink–I just open cabinets until I find them, since this allows me to see what’s inside. Fridges are glorious, pantries intriguing. I know one fellow who, when he allowed me to explore his refrigerator in early 2009, learned that he had a container of bean dip which had expired in 2005.

Since the beginning of Mo Fo, I’ve been kicking around the idea of a photographic tour of my kitchen for the other kitchen voyeurs. While I was waiting for my beets to cook through yesterday, I grabbed my camera and documented the contents of my cupboards.

The top shelf of my fridge, with leftover soup, salad greens, condiments, red grapes, and a package of premade mashed potatoes (it belongs to my roommate).

The lower shelves. On the middle shelf are the last of the green cherry tomatoes, foil-wrapped pumpkin fauxsage, and Gimme Lean “beef” and “sausage.” On the bottom shelf are dill relish, Irish whiskey marmalade, three-berry preserves, roasted red jalapenos, green jalapenos, Smart Balance, and leftover Chinese food.

The fridge door. On the bottom shelf are soymilk, lemon juice, vodka sauce (my roommate’s), and carrot juice. On the higher shelf are a container of apple slices, horseradish beets, and jarred tomato sauce.

Top shelf:  blueberries, raspberries, and ice. Bottom shelf:  green peas, a VERY old package of chik’n patties, and my roommate’s weird frozen “quesadilla roll” things. Z does not cook anything more complicated than frozen pizza. Later on the evening this picture was taken, I came back to the apartment to find the microwave door standing open and a plate covered with hardened melted cheese inside. Z said “I made some food and forgot to close the door,” to which I replied “Did you just stand here and eat it out of the microwave?” Yes. Yes, he did.

Frozen strawberries, lima beans, mango, and edamame. I always buy frozen lima beans and then realize that I have no idea what to do with them. If anyone has any ideas of lima beans, let me know. Also, I hate mango, but for some reason I don’t mind small quantities of it in smoothies.

We are now entering the realm of dry goods. Top shelf:  Karo syrup (for pecan pie, I’ve never used it in anything else), stone-ground yellow grits, corn starch, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar. Bottom shelf:  cornmeal, seasoned cornmeal, rotini, spinach udon (the green package), whole wheat spaghetti, rice vermicelli, my roommate’s sesame seed buns, jasmine tea. The rice vermicelli moved with me from my old apartment and I’m just too nervous to cook anything with it. Rice noodles never turn out right for me. Behind the cornmeal there’s a brown lid peeking out–it’s a container of brown rice.

This is a game I like to call “Tea Tetris.” Here we have, beginning with the leftmost column:  ginger, vanilla chai; Lipton black tea (for making iced tea), chai rooibos, cinnamon apple; Zhena’s Gypsy raspberry Earl Gray; vanilla rooibos, apricot vanilla white tea, and English Breakfast. I like having options in the morning. The tin at the front is instant coffee.

Grains! Top shelf, starting on the left:  lentils, kasha, barley, and quinoa. Lower shelf:  turbinado sugar, popcorn, steel cut oats, couscous, rolled oats, and yellow grits.

And my favorite part of the tour, the corner where I keep my baking supplies. Left to right:  vital wheat gluten, giant blue bag of Israeli couscous, vegan sugar, King Arthur white whole wheat flour, nutritional yeast (on top of the King Arthur), unbleached AP flour, Red Star yeast (on top of the AP). In the front are my little mortar and pestle, which right now are holding kosher salt after I accidentally poured way too much from the container into my hand.

…and the last stop, my drawer of beans and soup fixings. Red lentils, black beans, fifteen bean assortment, kosher onion soup mix, vegetable boullion cubes, and (peeking out from under the boullion) a foil packet of miso paste. This is my favorite drawer, because as Friendboy said to me one evening, I am a soupaholic. I wish it would get properly cold here so that I could eat soup every day.

That’s my kitchen, show off yours!


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